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About us

X We Supply, LLC - UAE

A distributor of Pandhora srl products in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • PEVO
  • EP3

Our CEO is People of Determination, who understands real facts about lack of mobility in a world not yet adapted totally for people like us.  We work every day to be part of this needed transformation.

As part of the supply chain of Pandora srl, we support and stand for the same values, mission and vision, applied to the local market customs and needs. 

PANDHORA MISSION is to mitigate the effects of disability by providing people with physical disabilities with tools that support their mobility: our wheelchairs and in general all our products started from this idea, then developing in various models.

PANDHORA VISSION. Motivated by a strong interest in disability and its related problems, the company’s core activity is the production of exclusive aids for the mobility of disabled people.

Key benefits:

  • Greater commitment into Wheelchair market and needs
  • Greater access to a variety of wheelchairs.
  • Single point of contact for sales.
  • More responsive support
  • Seamless service, right time, right place.

Our team

How do you access X Power wheelchairs?

Anyone can refer to X Power wheelchairs, This is done by a phone call, our website or email xwesupply@gmail.com

Pandhora introduces the 2021 video catalog with PEVO ultra light-weight wheelchair and EP3 electric attachable handcycle for wheelchair.

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